expressions - I hope so 44 Espero que no I hope not 45 Qu...

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Me tomas el pelo You’re kidding me…pulling my leg ¡Hombre! Man! Dude! Compadre/ compa’ Good friend, buddy compiche Slang for very good friend Ese tipo That guy Ese vato/ cuate That guy ‘mano Short for hermano…like “bro” for brother ¿Qué onda? What’s up? Es una chica de Buena onda She’s a girl with a good “vibe”. She’s cool. A mí me cae bien I like him/her Mi vida My life Chiquitín Little one preciosa Precious preciosura Preciousness cariñp dear tesoro Treasure muñeca Doll querida Dear/beloved Claro/ Por supuesto Of course, sure Claro que no Of course not ¿De versa? Really? Qué bueno (para usted) How great (for you) Tienes razón You’re right Estás quivocado You’re wrong Qué emocionado/a I’m excited ésteeeeeee…. . Ummmmm…. . *all terms of endearment Expresiones Populares #41-67 41 En tus sueños In your dreams…you’re dreaming 42 Buen trabajo Good work. ..Nice going 43 Ojalá…espero que sí
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Unformatted text preview: I hope so 44 Espero que no I hope not 45 Qu pero What a painwhat a shame 46 Gracias a Dios Thank Heaven. Praise God. 47 Tablas Me too, same with me 48 Yo no Not me 49 Ni yo tampoco Me neither 50 Est can Its difficult 51 Est peln Its difficult 52 Te traigo finto Im confused/You are confusing me 53 saf It broke/fell apart* 54 lelo fool 55 Picudo Really good, cool 56 A todo dar Really good, cool** 57 chido Great, cool 58 igual y s Maybe so 59 igual y no Maybe not 60 Buzo caperuzo Smart 61 A chirrin Youre kidding me 62 X Yes or no 63 mocoso Bratty little kid 64 chavo Young person 65 nel No 66 Simn Yesyeah, man 67 Chao Commonly used instead of AdiosCiao *Se me saf la mochila=My backpack fell apart ** Esta msica es a todo dar=This music is great...
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expressions - I hope so 44 Espero que no I hope not 45 Qu...

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