peergynt - Liar It is significant to note that the opening...

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Liar It is significant to note that the opening lines of this play are spoken as a scolding from Peer’s mother, Åsa, “Peer Gynt, what a liar you are!” (I.i.1). Yet, Åsa herself seems to listen intently to her son’s stories, getting caught up in his lies. Peer’s lies involve him creating make-believe tales of his endeavors. His adventurous spirit and desire to captivate his audience quickly results in an elaborate web of fiction involving reindeer, the devil, or kingdoms. Peer is also a dreamer and promises to mother, “every last person in this town will bow to you…watch me, I’ll be emperor one day” (I.i, p.6). Here Peer is an optimistic and vows to his mother that their futures will be bright if only he has a little more time. Åsa is not so optimistic chastises Peer for not marrying Ingrid, a rich farmer’s daughter. Based on his stories Peer is also very imaginative. When Åsa is searching for Peer and Ingrid in the mountains was wonders, “who would ever think stuff would stick there inside (II.ii.14-15)? Åsa is referring to all the bedtime stories she told him when he was a child and is trying to reason why Peer would run off with the bride. When people question if his stories are true he rebukes them and turns the table on them asking them if they are lying. Even Peer himself comes clean and says, “they were all stupid, ridiculous lies” (II.v.p.37). Yet in the next scene with the green woman he lies left and right, eventually denying he “had desire” for her ( Bad Rep Peer is viewed in a negative light in many instances during the play. Even his own mother exclaims, “You are a goner! A soul that’s lost” (I.i, p. 4)! Shortly after Peer leaves Åsa on the roof before he goes to the Heggstad farm. From scene two of act one we learn from the townspeople that Peer’s family does not have a great reputation. Aslak the Blacksmith even accuses Peer Gynt of being an idiot and calls him a “blubbermouth”. (I.ii., p.12) The blacksmith then tells all the girls at Ingrid’s wedding that Peer should be avoided and that they should “just ignore him” (I.iii.p.15) In other words Peer is a troublemaker.
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Peer is… Liar, dreamer, creative imaginer Troublemaker-From Solveig’s father we learn that Peer in not one who “weeps for the weight of his sins” (II.iv.p.35). Soveig’s mother comments that the reason more people
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peergynt - Liar It is significant to note that the opening...

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