I&Mexam3 - Individual Morality-EXAM 3 April 30th...

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April 30 th Read “Hamlet” as a classic Aristotelian tragedy-tragic hero & situation; if you lose your tragic hero, you lose your tragedy Closet drama Shakespeare (1564-1616); 1590-first play, 1601-Hamlet; Queen Elizabeth-“Common Book of Prayer” to help ease the tension between the Protestants & Catholics; Anglican church- neither Protestant nor Catholic There were other plays about the same storyline-Shakespeare’s was not the first Kid wrote Hamlet-like play in the 1590s of Elizabethan England 1594-1632 Gustavus Adolphus-Swedish king, warlord, killed Roman Catholics, but his own daughter (Christina) who was an intellectual later became a Roman Catholic herself after his death Hamlet-some characters are going to be Catholic, while other will be Protestant Hamlet-19/29 years old, Lutheran, studying philosophy at Wittenberg where young aristocrats go there for school Ben Johnson-famous playwright who was Shakespeare’s friend & helped put his works together after his death Text=messy, lots of inconsistencies Ophelia’s family-Roman Catholic, brother goes to school in Paris Hamlet-inherits many problems All Hamlet’s friends mirror his situation/problems-structurally a powerful technique used by Shakespeare Hamlet’s mistake (theories) : 1) he couldn’t make up his mind whether or not to believe the ghost (trust himself) and avenge his father’s death by killing Claudius, indecisive, hesitant-too much of an intellectual, but can’t be a coward-otherwise you lose the character & the play 2) Ernest Jones (1950s)-Frodian complex, wanted to kill his father & marry his mother, erotic psychotic Either case=no tragedy Why did he wait so long? Act I, sc.1-war is in the air, extra guards; Horatio-Hamlet’s best friend, loyal, Hamlet’s equal in virtue & intelligence, doesn’t let Hamlet down; guards saw old Hamlet’s ghost-want Horatio to see the ghost as well; Hamlet went up there b/c Horatio saw it; Denmark & Norway at war for many years-Old Hamlet vs. Old Fortinbraus-father wins & Norway is now under Denmark’s
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I&Mexam3 - Individual Morality-EXAM 3 April 30th...

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