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Unformatted text preview: Por vs. Para Para (1) Intended for a person Esta carta es para el professor.=This letter is for the teacher. (2) Headed for a place Salimos para México.=We’re leaving for Mexico. (3) Intended for a purpose Este extintor es para (extinguir) fuegos.=This extinguisher is for (extinguishing) fires. As suggested in the above review (for) usually implies a destination, objective, or goal. (1) Something we have or some service we perform is intended for (directed toward) a person, company, or organization. Tengo un paquete para Ud.=I have a package for you. Hago la tarea para el professor.=I do the homework for the teacher. Trabajo para Shell.=I work for Shell. Juego para los “Rams”.=I play for the “Rams”. (2) We are headed for a certain destination Partimos para Francia.=We’re heading for France. **(3) Something we have is intended for a certain use un estante para libros=a bookshelf (a shelf for books) Spanish forms many compound expressions indiciating use in this way, where English simply places the two...
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