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Spanish Test 03-30-06 In English, when we use an abstract noun or a noun in a generic or general sense, we do not use an article. In Spanish, the definite article is required before nouns used in a general sense and before abstract nouns. Compare the following Spanish/English sentences: Los mendigos son pobres. Beggars are poor. Los cobardes tienen miedo. Cowards are afraid. La gente tiene que trabajar People have to work La bondad es un virtud Kindness is a virtue. Formulas El/la (los/las) noun El noun y el noun *noun could also be an emotion (Kindness in example above) singular for body parts and clothing Un/una go with descriptions/adjectives Addressing People The definite article must be used with titles in Spanish when speaking about someone: El señor ___ La esposa ____, la doctora ____, es médica La doctora ____ trabaja en una clínica The article is not used with a person’s title when speaking directly to the person —Buenos días, señor ____ —hola, doctora ____ Days of the Week
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