Ch.36 - WORLD WAR II Ch.36 Atlantic Charter (1941) Who:...

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WORLD WAR II Ch.36 Atlantic Charter (1941) Who: Churchill (Britain), FDR (America); later approved by the Soviet Union Where: Newfoundland What: Came out of the Atlantic Conference between Churchill and Roosevelt and outlined aspirations of the democracies for a better world at the end of World War II. It included self-determination, affirmed the right of a people to choose their own government, and declared for disarmament and a peace of security along with a new League of Nations ( which became the United Nations). Sig: The U.S. was literally blown out of isolationism of the 30s at Pearl Harbor. The Atlantic Charter proves that the U.S. will be going in a different direction after WWII (i.e., involved in world affairs—especially the U.N.). Source: AP 823, 829 Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) Who: Japan, America Where: Pearl Harbor What: Japanese bombers attacked and sunk almost the entire Pacific fleet being kept in Pearl Harbor without warning (Did not sink YEHS + Lexington) Sig: Crippled America’s Pacific fleet and brought U.S. World War II Source: AP 824 Interment of Japanese-Americans (1941-1945) Who: US federal government, Japanese-Americans Where: West Coast What: after Pearl Harbor, some 110,000 Japanese-Americans were forced from their homes to live in internment camps because of unjust fear of sabotage. It was upheld in the Supreme Court in 1944 in Korematsu vs. US. However the US formally apologized in 1988 and approved $20,000 in reparations to each camp survivor. Sig: America was to some degree doing the same thing it condemned Germany for. The internment deprived many U.S. citizens of their dignity and basic rights and they lost hundreds of millions of dollars in property and foregone earnings during
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Ch.36 - WORLD WAR II Ch.36 Atlantic Charter (1941) Who:...

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