ch.37 - TRUMAN AND THE COLD WAR Ch.37 United Nations and...

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TRUMAN AND THE COLD WAR Ch.37 United Nations and United Nations Conference April 25, 1945 Who: The Security Council, dominated by the Big Five powers (the United States, Britain, the USSR, France, and China). What: A New International Peace keeping organization—a new “League” in effect, only this time with firm US support. Sig: Became the world’s premier peacekeeping organization. Assisted in the rebuilding of Europe. Taft-Hartley Act (1947) Who: Republican Congress (overrode Truman veto) What: Outlawed the all-union shop, made unions liable for damages resulting from jurisdictional disputes, required union leaders to take a noncommunist oath. Sig.: Helped slow growth of organized labor after WWII, which was a concern because of the failing economy in the late 1940?s. Source: AP859 Alger Hiss trial (1948) When: 1948 What: Alger Hiss, an ex-New Dealer, was accused of being a communist by Richard Nixon. He demanded the right to defend himself before the HUAC and denied having been a communist agent, but was caught in string of lies and sentenced to 5 years in prison for perjury. Sig.: Reflected the largely anti-Jewish, anti-communist sentiment during the first years of the Cold War. Helped elevate Nixon’s career. Source: AP880 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg trial (1951-53) What: Two communist spies who were American citizens were accused of sending atomic data to Moscow for the development of an atomic bomb, convicted of espionage, and sent to the electric chair. Sig.: Sympathy for the Rosenbergs and their family began to curb some of the ant-Jewish/communist feelings.
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ch.37 - TRUMAN AND THE COLD WAR Ch.37 United Nations and...

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