pepsch.20,21 - CIVIL WAR PERIOD Ch.20 & 21 Fort Sumter,...

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CIVIL WAR PERIOD Fort Sumter, April 1861 Source: AP435 Who: Lincoln and the South Carolinians Where: Charleston Harbor What: Fort Sumter was one of two important federal forts based in the South. Low on provisions, Sumter would have to surrender in time if it was not reinforced with new materials. Yet, the South Carolinians would not tolerate a fort standing between them and one of their most valuable Atlantic seaports. When Lincoln decided to send provisions to the fort, he stressed to the South Carolinians that this was not reinforcement in hopes they would not attack. When Union forces made their way to Fort Sumter the South opened fire on the fort and the attack resulted in Union surrender. Sig.: Lincoln used the defeat to unite the North. Lincoln, using the same words Washington used to call up the militia in 1794 (Whiskey Rebellion), called up 75,000 militiamen and declared his intention to enforce the laws. He ordered the rebels to disperse. They did not do so, of course. The firing on Fort Sumter and Lincoln’s call for the militia represents the start of America’s Civil War. (Fort Sumter is to the Civil War as Pearl harbor is to WWII.) The Confederate commerce-raider, the CSS Alabama . 1862 Source: AP442,443, 449 Who: Confederates Where: Built in Britain and sailed to Portuguese Azores for outfitting What: The Alabama was a Confederate commerce raider that wreaked havoc on the U.S. merchant fleet during the Civil War, driving up insurance rates and representing a real threat to the U.S. merchant marine throughout the world.
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pepsch.20,21 - CIVIL WAR PERIOD Ch.20 & 21 Fort Sumter,...

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