Unit3 - Abominate Acculturation Adventitious Ascribe...

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Abominate (v) to have an intense dislike or hatred for I_cruelty yet do not always notice when I have said something cruel without meaning to. Syn.: loathe, abhor, despise, detest; Ant.: relish, savor, cherish, esteem Acculturati on (n) the modification of the social patterns, traits, or structures of one group or society by contact w/ those of another; the resultant blend Every immigrant group newly arrived in another country goes through a slow process of___. Syn.: adaption Adventitio us (adj.) resulting from chance rather than from an inherent cause of character; accidental, not essential (medicine) acquired, not congenital It was no__meeting that led to their writing songs together, for in fact they were cousins. Syn.: extrinsic, incidental, fortuitous; Ant.: essential, intrinsic, inherent, congenital Ascribe (v) to assign or refer to (as a cause or source), attribute You may__these holes to gophers or elves, but I blame the dog from next door. Syn.: impute, credit, attribute Circuitous (adj.) roundabout, not direct I folled a__path through the woods, not because I feared pursuit, but because I was lost. Syn.: indirect, meandering, winding; Ant.: straight, direct, as the crow flies Commiser ate (v) to sympathize with, have pity or sorrow for, share a feeling of distress The family__w/ her after the loss of her old and faithful dog. Syn.: feel sorry for, empathize; Ant.: feel no sympathy for Enjoin (v) to direct or order; to prescribe a course of action in an authoritative way; to prohibit I__them to stop spending so much money or to fact the consequences. Syn.: bid, charge, command, adjure; Ant.: allow, permit Expedite (v) to make easy, cause to progress faster The pleasant background music didn’t__my work but instead, distracted me. Syn.: accelerate, facilitate, speed up; Ant.: hinder, hamper, impede, obstruct Expiate (v) to make amends, make up for; to avert They seemed more than willing to__their guilt by whatever means necessary. Syn.: redeem, make amends for, atone, make reparation Ferment (n) a state of great excitement, agitation, or turbulence; (v) to be in or work into such a state; to produce alcohol by chemical action Caught in the__of revolution, the young men enlisted with the local militias. | If left for a time, cider will eventually__. Syn.:(n) commotion, turmoil, unrest; Ant.: peace and quiet; tranquility, placidity
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Unit3 - Abominate Acculturation Adventitious Ascribe...

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