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1. Correct In China and Vietnam, a combination of external aggression and internal upheavals discredited and destroyed the Your answer: Confucian system. 2. Correct In 1912 a centuries-old Chinese tradition ended when Your answer: the last emperor abdicated. 3. Correct Sun Yat-sen was the Your answer: leader of the Revolutionary Alliance and first elected president of China. 4. Correct The movement created in 1919 to protest Japanese presence in China was the Your answer: May Fourth movement. 5. Correct Li Dazhao was the Your answer: first leader of the Marxist discussion group at the University of Beijing. 6. Correct Early Marxist philosophers in China characterized all of China's society as Your answer: proletarian. 7. Correct In 1919 Sun Yat-sen attempted to unify the various political organizations struggling for control of China under the Nationalist Party or Your answer: Guomindang. 8.
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