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Finals Essay: STAPLER the Civil War The United States, from its beginnings was divided along sectional lines. In 1787 (almost 100 years before the Civil War broke out) at the Philadelphia convention to ratify the Constitution, George Mason, a representative from Virginia, made a startling remark. Mason although he own slaves believed slavery should be done away with. He commented “providence punishes nation sins by nation calamities”, in other words the United States will eventually have to deal with the issue of slavery, and when it does a civil war could erupt. The question of slavery for the next 70 years eventually pushed to United States into a sectional split in the church, then political parties, then between the North and the South. The Civil War was unavoidable because eventually it would have happened. The country of compromise could not keep on producing compromises to bind it together. The Civil War, in the mind of many Americas at the time was bound to happen, it was just at matter of when, where, who and how. Many
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