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Ch.27 - Foreign Policy(1890-1914 Year 1890 Who Captain...

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Ch. 27 FOREIGN POLICY 1890 to 1914 Foreign Policy (1890-1914) Year: 1890 Who: Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan What: He wrought the book The Influence of Sea Power upon History, 1660-1783 that argued that control of the sea was the key to world dominance. Sig.: Read by English, Germans, and Japanese, as well as Americans, Mahan helped stimulate the naval race among the great powers. Many Americans joined in the demands for a mightier navy and for the American built isthmian canal between the Atlantic and Pacific. Captain Mahan’s big-navyism seemed vindicated, and pride in the exploits of the navy energized support for more and better battleships. All of this was directed not just at national defense but also at the need for a navy to protect and defend growing overseas trade and the routes to that trade. Greatness depended on economic power, and economic power depended on sea power. AP624, 642 The War of the Philippine Insurrection— February 4, 1899-1901/2 Source: AP633, 646 Who: Emilio Aguinaldo- the well-educated, Filipino leader Where: Philippines What: After the Spanish-American War, the Filipinos assumed that they would be granted their freedom.
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