ch.22 - Ch.22 Freedmen's Bureau, passed on March 3, 1865...

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Ch.22 Freedmen’s Bureau, passed on March 3, 1865 Source: AP 480-481 Who: Congress passed the bill and it affected the freed slaves who were unskilled, unlettered, without property or money, and with scant knowledge of how to survive as free people. What: To provide food, clothing, medical care, and education both to freedmen and white refugees. Created as a kind of primitive welfare agency for former slaves. It allowed former slaves slave to settle on forty-acre tracts confiscated from the Confederates. President Johnson repeatedly tried to kill it and it expired in 1872. Sig: Achieved great success in education, teaching an estimated 200,000 blacks how to read. Little land designated for the blacks made it into their hands. Instead, local administrators collaborated with planters in expelling blacks from towns and cajoling them into signing labor contracts for their former masters. Thirteenth Amendment in December 1865 What: President Abraham Lincoln knew the Emancipation Proclamation wouldn’t be effected without a law standing behind it. He succeeded in convincing Congress to pass the Thirteenth Amendment, which stated slavery was to be abolished in all areas of the United States. Sig: Slavery was outlawed. Source: Sharecropping and Tenant Farming Who: Former Black Slaves Where: Southern Plantations What: Unable to find work as free men, blacks were forced to go back to work for their former masters. Using the "crop-lien" system, storekeepers extended credit to farmers for food and supplies, in exchange for a part of their harvest. Sig. After the Civil War, former slaves found that their living conditions were hardly better now that they were free men.
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ch.22 - Ch.22 Freedmen's Bureau, passed on March 3, 1865...

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