Ch.17 - Part I. Identify and state the historical...

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Chapter 17 Test 2004 Part I. Identify and state the historical significance of the following: 1. James K. Polk 2. David Wilmot 3. Manifest Destiny 4. Independent Treasury 5. Webster-Ashburton Treaty 6. Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo 7. Liberty party 8. Walker Tariff 9. Wilmot Proviso Part II. Multiple Choice 10. After President John Tyler's veto of a bill to establish a new Bank of the United States, a. he was expelled from the Whig party. b. all but one member of his cabinet resigned. c. an attempt was made in the House of Representatives to impeach him. d. Tyler also vetoed a Whig-sponsored high-tariff bill. e. all of these. 11. The British-American dispute over the border of Maine was solved a. by war. b. by a compromise that gave each side some territory. c. when America was given all of the territory in question. d. by the Caroline incident. e. when the British gave Sunshine 200 pounds of biscuits as a gift. 12. The Aroostook War was the result of a. Sunshine did not like the biscuits provided by the Brits. b. the Caroline incident. c. the offer of asylum to the crew of the Creole . d. a dispute over the northern boundary of Maine. e. a fishing dispute between Britain and the U.S. 13. Arrange the following in chronological order: (A) annexation of Texas, (B) Webster- Ashburton Treaty, (C) settlement of the Oregon boundary, (D) Aroostook War. a. A, B, D, C b. B, D, C, A c. D, B, A, C d. C, A, B, D e. A, D, C, B 14. One argument against annexing Texas to the United States was that the annexation a. could involve the country in a series of ruinous wars in America and Europe. b. might give more power to the supporters of slavery. c. was not supported by the people of Texas. d. offered little of value to America. e. would lead to tensions and possible war with Mexico. 15. Arrange in chronological order the United States' acquisition of (A) Oregon, (B) Texas, (C) California. a. A, B, C b. C, B, A c. B, A, C d. B, C, A e. A, C, B 16. The nomination of James K. Polk as the Democrats' 1844 presidential candidate was secured by a. expansionists. b. anti-Texas southerners.
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Ch.17 - Part I. Identify and state the historical...

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