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CREATING AN AMERICAN CULTURE James Russell Lowell (1819-1891) Where: Harvard What: Lowell was an essayist, literary critic, editor and diplomat, and a political satirist. Sig: Criticized the Mexican War and condemned Polk's alleged slavery-administration Source: AP343 Education Reform/ Professionalism (1825-1850)—Horace Mann Who: Public School System in states What: States allowed for the tax money to go into public schools and allowed for the average poor person to learn to read and write. Although not originally popular it started the public school system we have today. Sig: Allowed for the average poor person to attend school. Source: AP324-327 Mormons 1830-present Who: Joseph Smith and followers—notably Brigham Young (who took them to the promised land of Utah) Where: New York (in the “burned over district” associated with the Second Great Awakening) to Utah What: Joseph Smith claimed to have found golden plates with words of God inscribed. Sig: Mormonism is an American home-grown religion that arose out of the burned-over district of New York during the 2 nd Great Awakening. Mormons dominate economic and political life in Utah. Source: AP323-324 Oneida Community 1847 Who: John Humphrey Noyes and followers Where: New York What: John Humphrey Noyes led his followers to the burned over district in New York to start his community in which everyone shares everything, from money and possessions to wives and husbands. Sig: Represents one of the more unconventional religious groups to arise out of the Second Great Awakening (especially a kind of communal sex, which was repulsive to mainstream Americans). Source: AP336-337 Transcendentalists 1830's-50s Who: Writers and philosophers (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau)
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