Ch.10 - Ch.10 "Launching the New Ship of State" 1789-1800...

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Ch.10 “Launching the New Ship of State” 1789-1800 w/i 12 yrs. Amer. had overthrown the British and the Art. of Confed. (AOC); law breaking+ constitution smashing=no good gov. trainin; A.ppl regarded central autho. as necessary evil (to be not trusted, watched, curbed) gov. $ very little; public debt high; paper $ (lots), metallic (-$); A.ppl still tried to estab. a republic (no other ppl had ever done) - Growing Pains 1789 Constitution (Con.) launched; country pop. X2 ~25 yrs.; 1790 4 mil. ppl; cities grew: Phila.: 42tho., N.Y.C.: 33tho, Bost.: 18tho., Charleston: 16tho., Baltimore: 13tho; country pop. 90% rural; 95% lived East of App.Mts.; pioneers went to Kent.; Tenn.; Ohio; Spanish owned Miss.R.; Brit. still at forts - Washington for President 1789 G.W. was unanimously drafted as Pres. by Electoral College; preferred Mt. Vernon; G.W. tall balanced rather than brilliant; didn’t angle for his exalted office; commander followers by strength of character, not art of politician; N.Y.C. was temp. country capital; greeted on way to N.Y.C. by fans; took oath Apr.30, 1789, Wall Street; G.W. estab. cabinet; 1 st 3: Sec. of $: A.Hamilton, Sec. of State: T.Jefferson, Sec. of War: Henry Knox - The Bill of Rights unfinished business: federalists promised freedoms for individuals to go w/ Con.; ROR must be done 1 st ; amendments (amen.) to Con.: new Con. Conven. w/ 2/3 vote (both houses of Cong.); James Madison decided to write it himself (didn’t want another conv. to reveal how narrow federalists got the orig. vote); J.Mad. guided Cong., 1791 the right # of states approved the 1 st 10 amen. to the Con. (BOR), guarded freedom of: Religion, Press, Speech, Bear Arms; Tried by jury; Assemble; Petition; prohibited cruel & unusual punishment; seizure of private property; 9 th th amen. not only limited to those freedoms; built strong central gov. w/ indiv. protection & rights for ppl; Judiciary Act of 1789: effective fed. Courts, Supreme Court (w/ chief Just., 5 associates, fed. District, circuit courts, estab. attorney general; John Jay: 1 st chief Just., collaborator to J.Mad.’s The Federalist papers,1 of Amer.’s most seasoned diplomats - Hamilton Revives the Corpse of Public Credit A.Ham. key fig. in gov., native of Brit. W. Indies; (saw himself as outsider); put his hands in other cabinet member’s affairs; including T.Jeff. (archrival); A.Ham. wanted to fix $ prob.; plan: shape fiscal policies of the admin. to favor wealthy ppl, they would lead gov., fed. regime thrives, propertied classes grow; prosperity who eventually go to masses; strengthen national credit (but not w/o public confidence in gov.=no $ to do his plan); asked Congress to fund the entire national debt “at par” (ea. State debt of recent war); “at par”=fed. gov. would pay off all debts at face value, plus w/ interest (amounted to $54mil); Congress passed the measure in 1790; A.Ham. was eager to have new gov. take on additional obligations, “assumption”: wanted Congress to take on
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Ch.10 - Ch.10 "Launching the New Ship of State" 1789-1800...

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