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Question: Is the U.S. Supreme Couth the “least dangerous branch” of government or it is an “imperial judiciary”? Response: In “Federalist 78” Alexander Hamilton is quoted for calling the Supreme Court the “least dangerous branch” of the proposed national government because it possessed neither the power of "the purse" (legislative power) nor that of "the sword" (executive power). Hamilton has this opinion of the Court because it was not discuss very often at the Constitutional Convention. The Judicial originally was created mainly to put checks on the other two branches. Another reason the Court was not recognized or respected was because the early judiciary did not make enough impact with its few court cases. Nevertheless, Chief Justice Marshall established the Supreme Court’s growing power with the ruling for “Marbury v. Madison” in 1803 to judicial review and the “necessary and proper clause”. However, Supreme Court justices when nominated by the President, then
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