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Ch.9 The Confederation and the Constitution 1776-1790 A. Revolu. not a revolu. of radical or total change; instead an evolution Ppl went on doing normal everyday activities; some isolated communities barely knew their was a war Changes affected social customs, political institutions, ideas about society, govern., gender roles 80,000 Loyalists had left the country - The Pursuit of Equality “All mean are created equal” said in Dec. of Indep.; most states reduced the property-holding requirements for voting; ppl wanted to be Mr & Mrs.; Continental Army officers form the Society of Cincinnati (A. ppl disliked); growth of trade org. for artisans & laborers (social democ.); some states got rid of the primogeniture (gave oldest son all property); sep. of Church & States, esp. the Anglican (associ. w/ Brit.), in N.E. the Congre. Ch. continued to be apart; De-Anglicized form the Prot. Epis. Ch.; religious battle esp. strong in Virginia; egalitarian sentiments during war challenged slavery; Phila. Quak. in 1775 founded the 1
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Unformatted text preview: st antislavery soci.; 1774: Cont. Cong. Called for abolition of slave trade; most states responded posit.; northern states abolished slavery, or gradually freed their slaves; even a few Virginia plantation owners set their slaves free; the revol. sentiments were incomplete; blacks & slaves were discriminated : couldnt own prop., get certain jobs, educate their kids; abolishing slavery would cause civil war; the the united states were to weak to be put under that stain; women also wanted equality; thought of causing their own revolu.; but in reality most women were still doing traditional womens work; mother demo. the most democ. by devoting themselves to their families; women were to teaching prop. republican teachings to their kids; idea of republican motherhood; educa. for women grew; womens role in the family grew; Republican women now bore the crucial responsibility for the survival of the nation....
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