ch.6 - Ch.6 The Duel for North America 1608-1763 17 th c....

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Unformatted text preview: Ch.6 The Duel for North America 1608-1763 17 th c. closed, the struggle for the N.A. continent began between: Britain (Eng.&Scot. in 1707 unit to be Great Britain), France, Spain (w/ N.Amer. ppl) 1688-1763 4 world wars in Europe. Control in Europe and over N.W. fought in 2 hemispheres on water and soil 9 world wars since 1688 U.S. ppl were unable to stay out of any of the wars. 7 yr. War in Europe and the French & Indian War in Amer. set stage for Amer. Independence- France Finds A Foothold in Canada France was latecomer in N.W. real estate; same reasons: 1500s foreign wars, domestic stride, Roman Cath. vs. Prot. Huguenots St. Bartholomews Day 1572 10,000+ Huguenots men, women, kids were killed in cold blood 1598 Edict of Nantes limited toleration of French Protestant, religious wars ended, France blossomed: mightiest and most fear nation in Europe, lead by good ministers & King Louis XVI (became king at 5 yrs. old, had 72 yr. reign) (1643-1715), took interest in colonies 1608 (yr. after Jamestown) established Quebec on St. Lawrence R., lead figure: Samuel de Champlain was brave soldier & explorer, father of New France Champlain became friends w/ Huron N.Amer., enemies w/ Iroquois of Upper N.Y. area (allied w/ British), destroyed French settlements Government of N.F. (Canada) came under direct control of the king after various commercial companies had faltered or failed Royal regime was autocratic: ppl could elect no representative assemblies, no trial by jury Pop. in 1750 was only 60,000 whites, landowning French peasants had no need to move to N.F., Prot. Huguenots were denied in N.F. t French gov. favored Caribbean island colonies, rich in sugar and rum over Canada- New France Fans Out Beaver was in N.F., Europeans like it for hats (warmth and opulent appearance), French fur-trappers sought new waterways looking for beaver French fur-trappers were coureurs de bois (runners of the woods), were heavy drinkers, free spenders, free livers and lovers They named the land Baton Rouge (red stick), Terre Haute (high land), Des Moines (some monks), Grand Teton (big breast) French voyageurs took Indian guides;Indians died of diseases, broke Indian traditions and religious beliefs, debauched by alcohol; covered big distances: Great Lakes, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Platte valley, Arkansas, Missouri, west to Rockies, south to Spanish border; killed beaver pop. ecological damage In Montreal in 1693 100 canoes full of beaver Jesuits came to save Indian souls, sometimes tortured by Indians, made few permanent converts, vital role as explorers & geographers Antoine Cadillac wanted empire, founded Detroit city of straits in 1701 to stop English settlers from being in Ohio Valley Robert de La Salle went down to Mississippi delta (Gulf of Mexico) named Louisiana 1682, returned 3 yrs. later to colonize, but failed to find delta went into Spanish Texas, 1687 was murdered by his men...
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ch.6 - Ch.6 The Duel for North America 1608-1763 17 th c....

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