At-Risk Students

At-Risk Students - Rebecca Mills February 4, 2008...

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Rebecca Mills February 4, 2008 Reflection Paper 1 Option 1 EDP 202-Section 004 Fostering Success in At-Risk Students At-risk students are considered to be students who are less likely to attain the basic academic skills necessary for success in the adult world. Some of these students do not graduate high school at all, and others manage to get a diploma or GED but without the basic skills needed to excel in reading and mathematics. (Ormrod, 2008) There are several different characteristics that qualify a student to be at-risk. A study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) shows that most at-risk students tend to be minorities, attend urban and rural public schools, are from a lower socioeconomic status, come from a non-English- speaking home, and do not live with both of their biological parents. (Finn, 2006) Though these factors do not always correctly identify an at-risk student, there seems to be a disproportionate trend. Some more specific characteristics which identify an at-risk student are evident through their social behaviors and attitudes towards school. Students with behavioral problems are more likely to drop-out of high school before graduating. They might use drugs, engage in criminal activity, or relate to peers who also have problems with discipline and authority. It becomes a cycle because at-risk students begin to feel belonging with these peers as opposed to the school community and then in turn encourage low academic achievement. They hide their low self- esteem and feelings of worthlessness behind a rough exterior that is anti-establishment, and virtually anti-education.
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At-Risk Students - Rebecca Mills February 4, 2008...

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