RASC - Rebecca Mills April 14, 2008 RASC EDP 202 #004 The...

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Rebecca Mills April 14, 2008 RASC EDP 202 #004 The article that I chose to research was a study conducted by Mariolga Reyes Cruz called, “Everyday challenges of building community and empowerment: an ethnographic study of immigrant Mexican parents advocating for school reform.” The study is based on a 4-year participation-observation project in schools that took place in a small, mid-western, racially divided city. Through field notes and observations, Cruz documents the struggle of undocumented Mexican immigrant parents advocating for the reform of public schools to make them accountable for Latino American children. Through her research, Cruz shares the experiences of these parents in their fight for an equal education for their children, regardless of citizenship status, fluency in English, or a lacking economic status. The article explains that while the majority of Latino parents hold positive views about public schooling in the United States, many are becoming disenchanted and feel that the public schools are not properly preparing their children for success. Cruz begins her article by presenting a critical analysis of literature concerning parent involvement and then provides a brief summary of socioeconomic and educational characteristics of the Mexican immigrant population in Korbel, IL. She points out that Latino students make up the second-largest segment of the school population in the United States. They are also most likely to be found in poor, underfunded schools with inadequate resources.
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RASC - Rebecca Mills April 14, 2008 RASC EDP 202 #004 The...

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