Global god damn warming

Global god damn warming - 1 Rebecca Mills 10 November 2007...

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1 Rebecca Mills 10 November 2007 ENG 104 Carter Essay 3 Getting Control on Global Warming When we live in a world where the media uses scare tactics to manipulate public opinion and where there is such a wide array of information that we can easily become misinformed, it’s sometimes hard to know who to trust and what to believe. The issue of global warming has been in the media now more than ever and images of Al Gore, dying polar bears, and melting ice caps can overwhelm anyone with a TV. We know that global warming has a negative connotation and that it is something we need to be alarmed about, but how is it really going to affect us? I believe that the average American takes our environment for granted. Air conditioning feels good on hot days and SUVs leave lots of room for you to stretch your legs, who wants to give that up? The fact is somebody has to. The way people are now living is overindulgent and irresponsible and something has got to change. We can no longer rely on someone else to deal with the problems at hand and the time for us to act is now. Also referred to as “the greenhouse effect” global warming is when the planet absorbs greenhouse gasses (water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and ozone) and then radiates them back into the atmosphere, ultimately warming the surface. Joseph Fourier is credited with the discovery of the greenhouse effect in 1824. Since then, scientists have studied this theory in depth and what they have discovered is that not only was the planet inevitably going to warm
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itself, but humans were surely helping speed the process. Humans are creating waste, polluting the air, and practicing deforestation at such an alarming rate that it is actually beginning to hurt our planet. The effects of global warming are disastrous and will deteriorate the quality of life on earth. Natural disasters, especially hurricanes which are fueled by the wind and warmer water conditions, are becoming much more frequent and intense. Disasters like Hurricane Katrina are claiming lives and displacing civilians from their homes. There is also the issue of glacial retreat and inevitable disappearance. Higher temperatures melt glaciers causing landslides, glacial lake overflow, and flash floods. A report by the UN indicates that the Himalayan glaciers, the sources of Asia’s biggest rivers, could be gone by the year 2035 as temperatures continue to increase. This means that approximately 2.4 billion people could be subjected to droughts, flooding, and eventually lose their source of drinking water. The problems we are looking at range from earthquakes and tsunamis to forest fires and the destruction of different ecosystems. Our planet is suffering and soon enough we will all feel the effects. The natural disasters that we have been watching unfold are more than just mere coincidence, they are signs that the consequences of our actions are real and greater than anything we ever could have expected. If you are wondering how we could create this much waste and pollution, enough to
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Global god damn warming - 1 Rebecca Mills 10 November 2007...

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