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Chemistry%20Test%204%20answers - the creation of the atomic...

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CHEMISTRY TEST 4 (47.5/50) The pair of particles with nearly the same mass is: a proton and a neutron This can be considered to be the combination of a proton and an electron: Neutron These determine the atomic number of an element: Protons The form of radioactivity that penetrates matter most easily is: gamma-rays When an atom loses a gamma ray: neither its atomic number nor its mass number changes When an atom loses a beta particle: its atomic number increases by one unit but its mass number remains unchanged When at atom loses an alpha particle: its atomic number decreases by two units and its mass number decreases by four units Every chain of radioactive decay ends in the formation of: a stable isotope (I think) The first radioisotope to be produced artificially, on an industrial scale, was: U-238 A critical factor affecting the stability of a nucleus is: the ratio of neutrons to protons The successful completion of the Manhattan Project resulted in:
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Unformatted text preview: the creation of the atomic bomb Fat Man" was the name given to: the plutonium bomb dropped on Nagasaki The first nuclear explosion set off by humans occurred at: Alamogordo, New Mexico In 1990 Jerome I. Friedman, Richard E. Taylor, and Henry W. Kendall shared a Nobel Prize for their demonstrating the existence of: . quarks The energy of the sun comes from the: nuclear fusion of hydrogen The detonation of the first nuclear bomb occurred in: . 1945 The first person to receive two Nobel Prizes, which were awarded for work involved in the discovery of radioactivity, and for discovering two new, radioactive elements was: Marie Curie Received a Nobel Prize for discovering the neutron: James Chadwick Coined the word "radioactivity": Marie Sklodowska Curie Predicted the existence of the neutron 12 years before it was discovered experimentally: Ernest Rutherford...
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Chemistry%20Test%204%20answers - the creation of the atomic...

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