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BIO 101 TEST II OBJECTIVES CHAPTER 8: Two laws of Thermodynamics, Energy definition, ATP composition, Properties of enzymes (all),active site, allosteric site, reactants, ineretmediates and end products. CHAPTER 9: Types of respiration, sequence of cellular respiration, Glycolysis location and yield. Redox mechanisms, Kreb’s cycle yield and location ,Fermentation. CHAPTER 10: Autotophs, mechanisms of photosynthesis, electron transfer, energy
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Unformatted text preview: levels in blue, green, red lights, Calvin cycle reactions and location. Structure of a chloroplast. Light reactions, reactants in photosynthesis. CHAPTER 12: Cell cycle: Mitosis all stages, chromosome structure, cancerous cells. CHAPTER 13: Stages of meiosis for both 1&2.,haploid and diploid stages(n)numbers. Three different aspects of meiosis. Gametogenesis. CHAPTER 14: TBA....
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