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08 Survival Lottery - IV.Benefits a It will save many lives...

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Survival Lottery I. Situation #1 a. Transplant procedures have been perfected Y need a new heart: Z needs new lungs a donated heart and lungs are in stock Doctors refuse to operate. II. Situation 2 a. Everything from situation 1 except no donated organs are in stock. III. The Survival Lottery Proposal a. Everyone gets a number b. A central computer randomly generates a number whenever i. 2 or more patients could be saved by transplants and ii. there are no suitable donated organs c. The person selected is sacrificed so that the others live
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Unformatted text preview: IV.Benefits a. It will save many lives b. Your chances of living a long healthy life will improve V. Exceptions a. 2 Choices i. No lottery Y and Z die ii. Lottery A dies Y and Z live. b. A has the right to his own organs, they are his own organs and Y and Z have no right to his organs c. A has to the right to determine what happens to his body Y and Z does not Moral Objections Practical Objections What makes Y &Z so fit to live? What about A’s life? Playing God...
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  • survival lottery, Lottery I. Situation, suitable donated organs, Survival Lottery Proposal, V. Exceptions a.

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