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Psych Notes - Psych Notes January 24, 2007 - Check out lab...

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Psych Notes January 24, 2007 - Check out lab requirements, starting after January 31 st Foundations, Part 1: Freud Psychoanalysis - Theories include day to day life, child development, mental illness, religion, war, love and many other aspects. - Many core ideas have been rejected, but many remains. - Sigmund Freud - Sigmund Freud was born in the 1850’s and spent most of his life in Austria - Freud was a very serious cocaine addict but also very popular, celebrity- like - Disliked and often hated because he was seen as a sexual renegade. - Wanted desperately to push ideals of psychoanalysis - Some interesting and influential ideas - Unconscious reasons for feeling and actions - There are underlying motives to your behavior that often you can’t even pick up. - Unconscious dynamics (conflict) -- Leading to dreams, speech errors, jokes, madness - Psychoanalytic Divisions of the Mind - Id: instinctual drives present at birth - Does not distinguish between reality and fantasy - Operates according to the pleasure principle - Food, sex, warmth - Ego: develops out of the id in infancy - Understands reality and logic - Mediator between id and superego - Superego - Internalization of society’s moral standards - Responsible for guilt - The id is completely in the unconscious mind along with most of the super ego. The ego lies at the top of the conscious mind. - Psychosexual Stages - Freud’s five stages - Oral (birth-1year) -Mouth is associated with sexual pleasure - Weaning a child can lead to fixation if not handled correctly - Fixation can lead to oral activities in adulthood - Anal (1-3 years) - Anus is associated with pleasure - Toilet training can lead to fixation if not handled correctly - Phallic Stage (3-5 years) -Focus on gentles - Oedipus or Electra complex
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- Oedipus Complex - Mom is nice - I love mom - But Dad is in the way - Kill Dad! - Uh oh. Dad is mad. - What is the worse that dad can do? - Castration - I give up dad wins. - Don’t think about sex for years. - Latency Stage (5-puberty) - Sexuality is repressed - Genital Stage (puberty-onward) - Defense Mechanisms: unconscious mental processes employed by the ego to reduce anxiety - Sublimation: displacement to activities that are valued by society - Displacement: re-direction of shameful thoughts to more appropriate targets. - Projection: reducing anxiety by attributing unacceptable impulses to someone else - Rationalization: reasoning away anxiety-producing thoughts - Regression: retreating to a mode of behavior characteristic of an earlier stage of development. - Hysteria and its treatment - Blindness and deafness, paralysis, trembling, panic attacks, gaps of memory - These symptoms are a way of keeping emotionally charged memories under lock and key - When memories are recovered, there is catharsis, an explosive release. - Freud originally tried to get at these memories through hypnosis but later
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Psych Notes - Psych Notes January 24, 2007 - Check out lab...

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