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Notes - which has led to speculation that they may be spreading around the world taking their knowledge for extra money-Russia has declared 40,000

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-Although the Cold War is over, the legacy of the events is certainly still apparent. Nuclear Weapons -By 1991 the strategic nuclear weapon stock had been reduced in Russia from 45,000 to 35,000 -It would take around 200 nuclear weapons to completely destroy all of Russia -There really is no international treaty to reduce the amount of the US/Russian TACTICAL nuclear weapons. -Many of the tactical nuclear weapons are located in Kaliningrad, near the Baltic Sea, and one of the centers of the Global Black Market. -According to the IAEA Russia has (24 kilograms of highly enriched Uranium/9 kilograms of Plutonium are needed for a nuclear weapon. -Russia currently has tons of the material needed to make bombs. -Many of the Russia scientists were very under paid after the fall of the USSR,
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Unformatted text preview: which has led to speculation that they may be spreading around the world, taking their knowledge, for extra money.-Russia has declared 40,000 tons of chemical weapons.-Russia has the largest biological weapons program in the world.-Russia has been the purveyor of missile technology around the world. Many of the missiles found in countries like Iran, have plans that originated in Russia-Russia has been a massive producer of all types of weapons. -The US has been very active in attempting to reduce the proliferation potential.-The Cooperative Threat Reduction program (CTR) was developed in the late 1990’s in an attempt to help the Russia’s control proliferation, and attempt to destroy the stockpiles of existing weapons....
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