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Conservation Bio Main Points 10-31-07

Conservation Bio Main Points 10-31-07 - enough to show...

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Conservation Bio Main Points 10/31/07 Ecosystem: Area that contains organisms that interact with other organisms and the environment o The definition was expanded in the 1980-1990’s and included humans and linked ecosystems Robert MacArthur o Got a PHD from Yale in 1958 o Major contributions in community and physical ecology o Ecology: Stability and population fluctuations o His Ideas If a population has diverse predator and prey species then.. Changes in population abundance are buffered against declines by the number of individual species present. Insurance hypothesis: More diverse communities can express a greater range of responses to environmental perturbation Diversity Stability Hypothesis: Communities that contain more species will vary less through time in response to various disturbances. Stability= Constance and Resiliency Tilman and Downing found that as you have more species you have a more resilient community through their studies with droughts. They found that 10-15 species was good
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Unformatted text preview: enough to show difference. • Redundancy Hypothesis: There comes a number of species where ecosystem functions level off and adding another has no utility • Ecosystem Management o Save ecosystems that save many more species o Protect the structure of ecosystem and by default you save the species o Mantra of Ecological Management: Large scale conservation o Maintain hierarchical patterns: Patterns of biological diversity as well as processes and functions o Crumbine 1. Protect biological diversity 2. Species richness is not enough 3. Management planned long-term o Three areas that must come together for ecosystem management Ecological perspective: Biotic factors, abiotic factors Institutional perspective: Laws and mandates, standing and funding Socioeconomic perspective: Stakeholders, values, issues o Best solutions Decisions make ecological sense Satisfy socio-economic demands Institutions willing to carry them out...
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