Comparative Politics Review

Comparative Politics Review - • Why do men rebel? o...

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Comparative Politics Review No Question on the Goldstone Article Russia should have been coded as a type II error? Do weak political measure lead to civil war? o Anacrocies lead to civil wars Is there logic to political violence? What kinds of people commit terrorism? o EBDM Why are there revolutions? o SKOCPOL o International competition fiscal crisis elite breakdown state collapse mass- based revolution o Problem with approach: Selection on the dependent variable o Only looked at countries that had revolutions
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Unformatted text preview: • Why do men rebel? o Relative deprivation o Why do some groups organize more effectively? Selective incentives • Collective action problem: Prisoner’s Dilemma • Terms limited may affect corruption • Can voters control the actions of the state under democracy? • Read notes along with Przeworski and Gandhi article • Greatest example ever of dictatorship surviving forever: Cuba • Does race matter? o Racial politics is called...
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Comparative Politics Review - • Why do men rebel? o...

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