Comparative Politics Final Section Review

Comparative Politics Final Section Review - o As principal,...

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Comparative Politics Final Section Review Go to 124 Prospect Street to turn in paper Graph section, overall test will be shorter. Medium length and short length questions still exist. Way more time than needed. All readings and lecture notes apart from Goodwynn are fair game for the final, only material from lecture on revolutions Look at analytical tools Principal agent problems o Voters are principal, politicians are the agents
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Unformatted text preview: o As principal, we delegate certain tasks to an agent, in this case by voting o How do you make sure person does what you want them to do? o Main part of problem is you may not have a way of enforcing agent to act on your interest o DON’T VOTE EVERYDAY! • Observe only actual terrorists, not the applicants to become terrorist • Denunciation: Informing people in power whose defecting-Kalevyas...
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