Conservation Bio Main Points 11-05-07

Conservation Bio Main Points 11-05-07 - work or not o Ex....

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Conservation Bio Main Points 11/05/07 Ecosystem management continued…. Societal factors o Broad-level ecosystem o Humans included Assess o Human activities o Legal situations, economic factors, institutions, political factors, other things that come with human habitation o Values and preferences o Ethical stakeholders Establishing goals o Large area defined by ecological features that will pre-drainage everglades o Agricultural practices- Dealing with phosphorous in the water and soil loss In the 1980s attempts to manage hydrological processes o More water flow to Florida bay o Water should be clean o Restore adaptive management 1995-1996 o Fix water problem by converting some land from Everglades Agricultural Area to preserve or increase water Adaptive management o Huge ecosystems where you propose solutions that you have no clue whether it will
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Unformatted text preview: work or not o Ex. Encourage people to flooded agriculture such as rice farming because it increases amount of water and improves the sheet flow of water. Increases storage capacity o Adaptive: Learn and adapt plan after managing and monitoring plans you have implemented o Examples 2: Marine ecosystems Threats are from human activities Oceans degrading EEZ: Exclusive Economic Zone o Multilevel Approach Involvement of a broad range of stake holders Linkage within ecosystems: Species interactions, land-sea connections Cumulative effects Flexibility and adaptation to management plans because things may change Coordinate policies: Ex. California, Maine...
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Conservation Bio Main Points 11-05-07 - work or not o Ex....

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