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Unformatted text preview: Notes on Quiz 1 : Please have a look at the past quizzes. 1. Make sure you know the names, symbols and definitions of the various quantitites you are dealing with: concentration, stoichiometric coefficient, instantaneous rate of change of concentration, average rate of change of concentration, rate of reaction, rate law, integrated rate law. You should know how some of these quantities are obtained from appropriate experimental data. 2. The rate of reaction may be defined in terms of concentration, pressure or any other convenient prop- erty. Usually, we use concentration. From the definition, its units will be M s- 1 . 3. Make sure you know how stoichiometric relations are used. These are used to calculate information about i from information about j : Δ n i Δ n j = ν i ν j ; Δ c i Δ c j = ν i ν j ; d c i / d t d c i / d t = ν i ν j ; 4. In the use of the integrated law, you will need concentrations. We often use c i = c i +Δ c i and calculate Δ c i from Δ c j ....
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