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Chinese155Essay1_ NuWa - Tong Huang Chinese 155 Spring 2008...

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Tong Huang Chinese 155 Spring 2008 Essay #1 Every culture has its own style of myth and legends. Strangely, different traditional myths have something in common: a story of genesis, flood, woman and snake. There is no exception for Chinese myth, all four elements are related to one Goddess, Nu Wa (o o ). Nu Wa is portrayed as half-human, half-snake in ancient Chinese paintings. Her upper half body is human and her lower half is snakelike tail. Nu Wa is mainly associated with three myth: The creation of human, marriage with her brother Fu Xi, and repairer of Heaven. Popular tradition story says that at the beginning the universe was in chaos and there were no Heaven and earth. A god, Pan Gu was born inside the chaos. As Pan Gu grew everyday inside the chaos, heavens and earth were formed. The yang and clear rise to form the heavens and the yin and turbid sank to form the earth. After Pan Gu died, his body parts formed the world. After Pan Gu split heaven and earth, there were three emperors. Nu Wa was one of the three. According to Tai Ping Yu Jian (o )When the world was formed, it has no creature. On one January 1 st , Nu Wa made chickens. On the 2 nd , She made dogs. On the 3 rd , she made sheep. On the 4 th , she made pigs. On the 5 th , she made cows. On the 6 th , she made horses. On the 7 th , she gathered water and mud to made human out of her own image. When she grew tired and felt that this method is too
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This essay was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course CHINESE 155 taught by Professor Idk during the Spring '08 term at UMass (Amherst).

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Chinese155Essay1_ NuWa - Tong Huang Chinese 155 Spring 2008...

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