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Ashley Ekola August 29, 2007 ENGL 150-001 Bandstra “Why Write?” 1) List the three answers the author gives to the question “Why write?” i) Writing helps us explore our own thoughts and feelings. ii) We need to write effectively to communicate with others. iii) To become more aware of the ways others write and speak. 2) Choose one. In a couple of paragraphs (2) explain how your writing experience fits this answer. (i) Writing has never been one of my strengths. When actually put thought into my writing it is just for required papers for school. As for the other times I write, such as email and the occasional online posting, I will write exactly what I feel with out much consideration. When I write or type like that I feel much better
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Unformatted text preview: and it takes much less time than the required writing. I guess you could say its cathartic. In my senior year of high school my English teacher required us to keep daily journals. In these journals we could write about anything and everything. We could use inappropriate language, bad mouth people and/or classes. Although I did not go that far in my writing I really enjoyed this part of the class. If I was having a bad day I could just write it all down as I was feeling the emotions. As time progressed I learned to structure these thoughts and feelings into more coherent entries....
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