Lecture4 - Geodemography Cultural Geography: Week 3 The...

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Cultural Geography: Week 3 The Human Mosaic Chapter 7 (pgs. 213-238) 1. Introduction: a. Definitions: Geo-demo-graphy: earth-people-writing. Studying the geographic distribution of people on the earth and the factors associated with their distribution. b. Relevance: Introduction to Geodemography A. Demographic Regions 1. Population Distribution & Density Distribution: Depends on geography such as rivers or where rivers empty into the ocean. Deserts and arctic are usually empty spaces. a. Eurasia: 72.7% b. North America: 7.9% c. Africa: 13.2% d. South America: 5.7% Density: a. US: 31 per sq/km b. Bangladesh: 1045 per sq/km *********Five Largest Countries in 2004********** 1. China 2. India 3. Us 4. Indonesia 5. Brazil C. Conclusions 1. Population is not distributed evenly. 2. Patterns of Natality: B. Birthrate: Number of births per year per 1,000 pop. C. Total Fertility Rate (TFR): 1. Zero population growth: Associates with TFR of 2.1 2. Geographic variation in TFR: 3. Factors influencing TFR: a. Culture and Religious Beliefs: Catholicism does not allow birth control and Chinese want to continue on their name so they want male children. b. Economics: In rural India it is easier to have more kids and not have to pay them but they still have to work. Doesn’t make sense to have a lot of kids in San Francisco because kids are expensive especially in city area. Economic incentives to have large and small families depending on your economic factors you are in. c. Patriarchy: Controlled by men so it can affect fertility rates in poorer
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Lecture4 - Geodemography Cultural Geography: Week 3 The...

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