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February 5, 2008 Themes in Cultural geography: A. Cultural diffusion 1. Independent Invention: 2. Types of diffusion: a. Corporate: contagious (Walmart) b. Hierarchical (McDonalds) I. Glocalization: Mixture of local culture and global brands. 3. Time-Distance Decay: As cultural artifacts diffuse the more the idea decays the farther you are from the source. 4. Barriers of Diffusion: a. Physical: Mountains, oceans, gorges. b. Cultural: Book burning, terrorist groups, ethnic cleansing. 5. Globalization: The spread of ideas and information across the planet. B. Cultural Ecology: 1. Definition: a. Human Ecosystem: b. Meeting of cultural and physical geography: 2. Two schools of thought: a. Environmental Determinism: I. Human culture is molded by nature: i. Mountains: Secluded, hunters, conservative, no healthcare, freedom loving, unimaginative.
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Unformatted text preview: -Challenges to transport: backward and conservative due to isolation.-Beauty numbs the mind: mountain people are unimaginative.-Challenges to infrastructure prevent govt. control: mountain people are more freedom loving. ii. Tropics: Cultures are lazy and lack direction.-Fruit grows on trees without farming: Lazy-Heat: Lazy-Life is easy: people lack creativity and drive.-These people need direction from outside to become industrious. C. Environmental Determinism (E.D.) a. Environmental Determinism over emphasizes the influence of the environment. b. Justification for colonialism. D. Possibilism: a. The environment provides opportunity and constraints. b. People make choices from the possibilities provided. c. Impact of technology of the power of the environment. i. Air conditioning in India....
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