Lecture9 - Introduction to Geopolitics Cultural Geography...

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Introduction to Geopolitics Cultural Geography Week 10a Classical Geopolitics (1) 1. Literally: “Earth Politics” – Territory and power 2. Geopolitics: the geographic dimension of int. relations a. Location of resources: key to understanding a countries foreign policy. b. Location of states relative to key processes: Uzbekistan let us set up air bases in their country in order to help us invade Afghanistan in exchange for money. Where one nation uses another to secure their goal. c. Platforms for power projection: Lilly-pad bases: Bases around the world based in other countries so troops can rapidly respond anywhere in the country quickly. d. Transportation corridors: Countries want to control certain high- traffic areas. -12 Chokepoints 1. Cape Horn 2. The Panama Canal 3. The Cape of Good Hope 4. The Suez Canal 5. The GIUK-Gap 6. English Channel and the Passage from the North Sea 7. The Baltic Straits 8. The Strait of Gibraltar (Know locations of last 4) 9. The Turkish Straits (Bosporus and Dardanelles) 10. The Bab El Mandeb 11. The Strait of Hormuz 12. The Strait of Malacca Classical Geopolitics (2) 3. Geopolitics is state-centric, its goals are: a. To advance interests of the state b. To gain control over key external processes 4. Every place is understood in terms of its relationship to a state’s interests Geopolitics is Rooted in “Realism” Realism • World: anarchic, competitive • Primary actors: states • Primary motivation: security resources • Determinant of action: state capabilities (expansion only constrained by power of other states)
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Idealism • World: potential for cooperation
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Lecture9 - Introduction to Geopolitics Cultural Geography...

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