08 Capital Punishment

08 Capital Punishment - a. Review of Kant i. CI 1 Act only...

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Mill on Capital Punishment (CP) I. Mill’s Proposal a. CP is justified under the following circumstances i. The crime is murder ii. The convicting evidence is conclusive iii. No mitigating circumstances iv. The culprit is incorrigible v. The crime was not out of character II. The case for CP a. Every punishment should balance 2 criteria i. It should be as deterrent as possible ii. It should be as humane (painless) as possible CP Life in Prison Solves only the quick pang of a rapid death Involves a lifetime Hastens the inevitable Does not. . Objection- if CP was not that bad b/c it hastens the inevitable then murder wouldn’t be that bad b/c of the same reason Mills own reasoning makes slavery the worst of all crime There is a lot of mental anguish before an execution is carried out III. Cases against CP a. CP does not deter b. CP violates the sanctity of life i. How can show that you value life by taking life c. A miscarriage of justified cannot be corrected i.
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IV.Kant’s Theory of Punishment
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Unformatted text preview: a. Review of Kant i. CI 1 Act only on that maxim that you can will become universal law. 1. When you perform an action your making a law saying that its ok to do it ii. CI 2- Always treat persons - whether its you or someone else always as an ends never as a means merely b. The UT theory of punishment i. Punishment are justified only to the degree that they bring about the greatest happiness to the greatest number ii. 2 ways this might work 1. Deterrence 2. Rehabilitation V. Kants Theory of Punishment a. Criminals should be punished for one reason only: they deserve it. i. You commit the crime you get the punishment you derive b. Punishments should be proportional to the crimes i. An eye for an eye ii. Goes with CI 1 iii. By killing a murder we are respecting the murders choice b/c the murder has chosen to kill iv. UT is the second violation of CI 2 were using them as means to out kappiness...
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08 Capital Punishment - a. Review of Kant i. CI 1 Act only...

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