Divine Command Theory

Divine Command Theory - 2 Arbitration Problem 1 If DCT is...

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Divine Command Theory (DCT)- The right act commanded by God. Problems with DCT A) Problems with theory itself 1) Circularity Problem 1. IF DCT is true, than good is defined in terms of God 2. If good is defined in terms of God, than God cannot be defined in terms of good. 3. If DCT is true, then God cannot be defined in terms of good. (1,2) 4. God can be defined in terms of good. 5. DCT is not true (3,4)
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Arbitration Problem 1. If DCT is true, than God’s commands are morally arbitrary (random) 2. God’s commands are not morally arbitrary 3. DCT is not true (1,2) B) Problems with Applying the Theory 1) Epistemic problem- it’s hard to prove that you know what God commands 2) Danger Problems – many folks claim that God commands them to kill...
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