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Kennan Essay Analysis

Kennan Essay Analysis - Leahy 1 Cameron Leahy February 12th...

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Leahy 1 Cameron Leahy February 12 th , 2008 English 112 Professor Lesman Conformity In Political America George F. Kennan, considered the “father of containment” for his work during the early years of the Cold War under the Eisenhower administration, says in his article “Training For Statesmanship” that “for reasons highly complex, we Americans place upon ourselves quite extraordinary obligations of conformity to the group in utterance and behavior, and this feature of our national life seems to be growing rather than declining.” Throughout America, Kennan’s statement holds true, for every man or woman’s opinion is more often than not, heavily influenced by the ideals and beliefs of those around them. One of the unacknowledged checks and balances of our political system is the power of the small community. Within each subsection of America, individuals— whether consciously or not—conform to the ethos of their surroundings, putting a check on the compulsions of differing communities. This leads to an inherent tension that in
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