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Departmental communication - GROUP 4 I Definition...

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GROUP 4 3 I. Definition: Departmental Communication is two or more people working in close proximity over extended time. II. Problem: Employees of Lowes Movie Theater accessed the concession inventory case and took items without following the proper inventory control procedures. The items taken from the case were not properly recorded, causing an inventory shortage. III. Decision: Managers and supervisors assembled a conference call to address and discuss the concession inventory issues. After a brief conference, managers met with concession employees to review company inventory procedures. IV. Solution: The management team sent email bulletins to all concession employees. Each employee must sign and date a copy of the inventory procedures bulletin and turn them into their supervisors. The bulletin outlined inventory control procedures in three parts. First, theater employees no longer have personal access to the concession inventory case. The inventory case will be locked and employees will not be allowed to carry a key.
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Departmental communication - GROUP 4 I Definition...

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