Group 4 3 - Group 4 3 I Definition Departmental...

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Group 4 3 I. Definition: Departmental Communication, two or more people working in close proximity over extended time. II. Problem: At the Lowes Movie Theater concession stand, employees had full access to the temporary inventory case where drink cups and popcorn bags are kept for movie rushes. There are 25 cups and bags in each prepackaged sleeve. During a particularly busy night, the employees felt they would need a very large amount of inventory to increase efficiency. The employees opened a large amount of prepackaged sleeves containing cups and bags without considering the inventory count after closing. The closing supervisor then had to count all the individual pieces of inventory within the concession stand at the end of the night. He found there were thousands of cups and bags scattered throughout the stand. To make matters worse, all the bag and cup sleeves within the temporary inventory case were partially opened. The closing supervisor had to track down the entire missing inventory, finding bags and cups scattered and misplaced
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Group 4 3 - Group 4 3 I Definition Departmental...

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