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Yousuf Huda 1302 – 005 Spring 2008 Kamalika Mitra SR 3 February 1, 2008 In chapter one of Nancy Wood’s Perspective on Argument , Wood discusses the different aspects of a written argument such as the text, reader, author, constraints, and how the audience interprets what the author says. She explains the process of conveying messages through paper and how to get the point across to a specific audience. The chapter also explains the different types of audiences there are and how to use formal and informal ways to adapt to the situation. When I usually write an argumentative paper on a subject, I always consider what audience I’m writing to. Whether it is a class, teacher, friend, family, friend, etc, I always
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Unformatted text preview: have to adjust the formality and text I include. I know that if I dont, then the paper might seem inappropriate and might offend the audience. For example, I wrote a speech in which I argued my opinion against chopping down trees near our house for a city meeting. I had to write to the general public in a formal way for everyone to understand. Another example is when Im just arguing with my brother. I use informal words because I know him and he understands me. I just prove my point and have to be selective in my wording. Also with my mom, I have to show some respect or else, the argument becomes pointless....
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