SR2 - I look at both sides of the argument and consider...

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Yousuf Huda 1302 – 005 Spring 2008 Kamalika Mitra SR 2 January 28, 2008 In chapter one of Nancy Wood’s Perspective on Argument , Wood discusses how different backgrounds and different styles of argument such as the adversarial and consensual styles affect the argument. The outcome and the way the argument is conducted can change due to these factors. Gender, culture, characteristics, appearance, and different experiences can also have an effect on argument. Wood also makes a checklist for the audience to help them test and understand the effectiveness of their own argument. From my experiences, in debates and other events such as class discussions, I’ve noticed that from my background of being born in a third world country and not having some experience that others had, made me different and had a more neutral affect on me.
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Unformatted text preview: I look at both sides of the argument and consider each side fairly. Im not biased because I dont have the same experience to share with them. Ive also noticed the same situation with gender such as abortion arguments. Culture affects argument too but in a different way. For example, some people grow up in a culture where women are looked down upon as inferiors and when coming to the United States, they do not understand why and how the Americans put up with the free rights of American women. In Saudi Arabia, women arent legally allowed to drive. This fact might confuse a person coming from that country. Well different factors affect argument and I believe that to participate in that argument you have to have some knowledge, understanding, and experience of the topic....
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SR2 - I look at both sides of the argument and consider...

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