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Yousuf Huda 1302 – 005 Spring 2008 Kamalika Mitra Rogerian Essay April 18, 2008 The Rogerian Argument is a model which is designed to see both sides of the argument and claim them both to be valid. It does this by presenting logos, ethos, pathos, and a goal. It shows how both sides can cooperate and have a “mutually advantageous outcome.” The main point of this model is to achieve common ground with the opponent and persuade the audience that both sides are correct. My experience with this type of argument almost always occurs when I talk with my brother and I beat him in an argument. He tries to prove his point as much as he can
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Unformatted text preview: and when I eventually (not always) beat him, he claims that my method or my way is right as well as his. I’m not sure if Mr. Rogers thought about this as a psychotherapist but it does get very annoying listening to this method of argumentation. In fact, when I was little, around the age of 8 or 9, I used to get so annoyed of this method when my brother used to use it against me, I almost beat him up one time. I can’t believe he still uses it. Well, on a more positive note, it is a good way of showing an audience the positive aspects of argument and creates a sense of satisfaction....
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