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GROUP 4 I. Definition: Personal communication is communication to and for one’s self. II. Problem: An employee takes notes in her daily project meetings with other employees from the same company. The project’s deadline is the next day and the employee can not understand what the main objective was from reading her notes because she sat at the far end of the table and wrote in a very general and vague way. III. Decision: The employee decides to start taking notes effectively by writing more detailed notes and sit closer. She also decides to bring a highlighter to the meetings and highlight, underline, or put a circle around specific notes which are important. IV. Solution: The solution to this problem would be to pay closer attention, fully understand the objective, write down what is most important and what the client wants from the project, and sit as close to the manager as possible. The employee must realize that the notes she takes will be the only source from the meeting that she will be able to
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Unformatted text preview: rely on. The notes taken will almost always reflect quality of the project. Therefore paying closer attention would be part of the solution to this problem. Another part would be to fully understand the objectives. Without knowing what the main reason of the meeting is, one can not study properly for tests. The employee can have notes but they are useless without meaning. The third part to the solution is knowing what to write down. The manager might say one thing which sounds interesting but it might not be even part of the meeting. For example, the manager explains an experience of how he went to another country. The food he ate might be a transition to the concept being taught but might not be included in it. The last part to the solution would be to sit closer to the manager so she can fully comprehend what he says and what he means. Patrick Akoi, Mario Hernandez, Yousuf Huda, Johnny Nguyen, Joseph Olvera, David Troung, Courtney Washington, John Woods 1...
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