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Yousuf Huda 1302 – 005 Spring 2008 Kamalika Mitra SR 5 (ch.4) February 20, 2008 In chapter four of Nancy Wood’s Perspective on Argument , Wood discusses all the major parts of the writing process. She explains about thinking of an issue to write about and how you should narrow it down and test it to see if it suits the audience and your views. Next she discusses all the topics and support you can use to demonstrate and reinforce your opinion with. She also states how the paper should be organized with a claim and proofreaded till it’s in the best condition. Basically this chapter explains every step and aspect in detail. I believe this chapter is very useful due to the fact that it is very detailed and leads you through everything a person needs to know about the entire writing process. I really
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Unformatted text preview: wish I had read this before in like junior high school or earlier because I had horrible writing skills when I was younger. I would always be nervous and would exclude things that were important. I would also have really bad writers block. I could not think of a topic to save my life. I would always pick one that I already was experienced in and researched on already. There were barely any of those considering I was only 14 at the time. I also remember I would procrastinate a bunch and wait till the last day to do my paper so it wouldn’t write a outline or brainstorm as much and I wouldn’t catch the audiences attention most of the time. I have improved a lot since then so I don’t need this chapter too much but it is nice to refer back to if I ever forget....
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