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Yousuf Huda 1302 – 005 Spring 2008 Kamalika Mitra SR 9 – Chapter 10 April 16, 2008 In chapter ten of Nancy Wood’s Perspective on Argument , Wood discusses coming up with a research paper that presents an argument. The first step described is to fully understand the assignment and what to do first. The chapter describes this paper as a one perspective paper. It shows what you believe on the issue. One of the most important things that one does first is come up with a claim. There are many different kinds of claims described in the chapter. The first one is claim of fact. This claim asks what exactly happened and does it exist. The second one is claim of definition. This claim asks what its like and how should we interpret it. The third one is claim of cause. This claim
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Unformatted text preview: asks what caused it and where it came from. The fourth one is claim of value. This claim asks if its good or bad, how bad, and how good. The fifth and final one is claim of policy. This claim asks what we should do about it and what our future course of action is. Wood also discusses how to develop a claim using questions, and developing the whole paper. My experience with research position papers has been good so far. In senior year of high school, I had to develop one of these papers for my English 4 class. It wasn’t as hard because the teacher helped us with claims and made suggestions of what to put in the body paragraphs. Well I made an A on that paper and I hope I can do that too on this paper....
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