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EXPLORATORY ESSAY (EE) ENVELOPE On top of the envelope write your name, course number (1302) and section(005/020), semester (spring 2008), instructor’s name, and ‘EXPLORATORY ESSAY’. What you will include (Explicitly state which is which on a sticky notes):- 1. EE final + annotated bibliography; 2. EE 2 nd draft with my comments (this is applicable for those who turned in their 2 nd drafts to me for feedback). Otherwise just include the 2 nd draft; 3. EE Peer review 2 sheet; 4. EE 1 st draft; 5. Printout of the e-mail that I sent you as feedback on your 1 st draft (again, this is applicable to those who turned it in). Otherwise, just include the 1 st draft; 6. EE Peer review 1 sheet; 7. Process Memo (the guidelines for writing the Process Memo is below). _____________________________________________________________________ Guidelines for writing the Process Memo The Process Memo is a 5 paragraph essay which will be in the following format:-
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Unformatted text preview: Paragraph 1 – Name your group members for Peer Review 1 and Peer Review 2 stating explicitly which is which group; Paragraph 2 – Which comments/advices from whom have you taken into consideration and why; Paragraph 3 – Which comments/advices from whom have you not taken into Consideration and why; (If you were not present in any of the Peer Review sessions, state that) Paragraph 4 – Overall, did you find the Peer Review sessions helpful or not? Give reasons for your answer; Paragraph 5 – What have you learnt from this particular assignment? What is the most important thing you learnt from this (answers might vary)? The following is the points distribution (tentative): Annotated Bibliography – 20% Process Memo – 10% Peer Review – 10% EE final – 60%...
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