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report topic 23 - Cameron Leahy Cameron Leahy November 15th...

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Cameron Leahy 1 5/12/2009 Cameron Leahy November 15 th , 2007 MTH 151 Professor Gary Everything changed once the internet hit. No longer did we have to get our books at the bookstore or rent videos at the rental store or even buy our groceries at the supermarket. Suddenly, consumers were flocking to the idea of the internet-based industry. With the internet’s ease and reliability, many companies have been forced to reinvent the way they did business. At the turn of the century, a completely new medium emerged for businesses to both market and sell their product. Arguably the most successful business venture of all time, the music industry, has taken a very hard hit from the rise of the internet. As technology continues to emerge, the music business has been forced to evolve. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the recording industry sold 48 million copies less in 2005 than in 2004. These statistics are in direct correlation to digital downloading, which is changing the face of music. “ With digital technology, everyone's figured out that a business built only on the manufacture, distribution and sale of CDs has ended," said Dixie Chicks manager Simon Renshaw in an interview from Rolling Stone Magazine. Several factors are responsible for the sharp decline in album sales over the past
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report topic 23 - Cameron Leahy Cameron Leahy November 15th...

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